How to setup faster data sync for JIRA?

Get real time data sync for JIRA

Realtime data sync for JIRA allows Haystack to sync data with your JIRA boards almost instantly rather than having to wait 30 minutes for JIRA data to be reflected on Haystack!

There are two ways to do this

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First Method: Integrate JIRA with admin token

To achieve real time sync, Haystack requires webhooks. In this method, you'll be giving admin token & our application will automatically create the webhooks for you.

All you need to do is swap the JIRA token you have provided with a JIRA admin's token.

You can follow the steps here.

Second Method: Integrate JIRA without admin token

Alternatively, to achieve real time sync, you can create webhooks manually after integrating JIRA without an admin token!

1. Get the webhook URL

  • If you have a the URL already you can skip this step. URL should look something like this

2. Head to your your JIRA dashboard. Click the settings icon on the top-right corner.

3. Click System Settings

4. Scroll down on the left menu, find Webhooks.

5. Click create new webhook on the top right corner.

6. Provide webhook name & webhook URL you got from step (1)

10. Make sure "Exclude body" is unchecked

11. Click Create

You should now be done! Haystack should start receiving the webhooks automatically.

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