Identify your blockers faster & get alerted by setting up risks on Haystack.


To configure risks in team settings, go to team settings -> issue risks or team settings -> PR risks.


Issue risks

Haystack provides two types of Issue risks:

  1. Stuck When issue takes too much time in status, Issue is considered as "stuck" when it stays too much time in particular status category or status. You can set your own rules when issue should be considered as "Stuck".

  2. Blocked Issue is considered as "Blocked" when it is marked in Jira as blocked by another issue. In order to mark issue as blocked in Jira, you need to link issue and select "is blocked by" link type.

PR risks

In PR risks, you will find potential risks you can configure for your pull requests. You may turn these on/off and set your threshold heres

Quick filters

Once Risks are set, you will see risky work on the Issues and Pull Requests pages in the right sidebar.


Setup Slack alerts and Haystack will notify you when risk is detected.

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