Pull Requests

See pull requests that are in progress

This blog will go over how to use Pull Requests page in Haystack.

Recent Activity

Activity Bubbles

Haystack combines all commits, comments, approvals as a activity bubble in the progress bar. The more activities there are, the bigger the bubble is.

You can hover each bubble to see the corresponding activity.

The blue line starts from first activity "opened pr" all the way to PR getting merged or closed.

Time in Review

Time in status shows how long it has been in that state. There are 3 states a Pull Request can be in

  • Draft: PR is in draft state

  • Review required: PR is open & not approved

  • Approved: PR has at least one approval

Member Filters

Member filter allows you to see all the issues in that cycle.


Active Risks

You can see the active risk on the right side panel.

Clicking on it will filter the PRs with that specific risk.

Update Risks

You can configure risks by visiting PR Risks Settings page.

There are 6 risks that can be configured. Each configuration can mark a PR if it fits it's conditions.

  • High Review Time: Marked when time since PR opened above given threshold. Time in Draft state does not count for Review Time.

  • No Activity: Marked when PR hasn't had any activity above given threshold. An activity is anything from commit, comments, approvals, description changes, requesting review and so on.

  • No Reviewer: Mark when PR has 0 reviewers requested.

  • Large Pull Request: Marked when PR Line Changes is above given threshold. Line change count is the sum of additions & removals of lines..

  • Stuck in Discussion: Marked when PR has comments above given threshold.

  • Not Linked to Jira Issue: Marked when PR is not linked to a Jira issue. Haystack uses JIRA's referrence issue document to mark if a PR is linked or not.

Customizable Views

Haystack allows you to customize your view. We'll go over each section one by one.

Update Columns

You can group Pull Requests based on

  • Status (default)

  • Risks

  • Author

  • Reviewer

  • Labels

  • Repository

  • Issues

  • None

Update Sort Order

You can sort the issues based on

  • Last updated (default)

  • Opened at

  • Comments

  • Line Changes

Hidden PRs

You can hide any pr that you don't want to see in this page.

You can see hidden PRs by toggling the Show hidden PRs button.

Note: Showing & hiding works individually for each team. If you hide a PR from one team, it will still continue to show in another team unless it's marked hidden from their as well.


Does Pull Requests page show merged PRs?

No, only open Pull Requests are shown in this page. Once a Pull Request is merged or closed, they will disappear.

Whose work does Pull Requests page show?

The following settings have effect on what is being shown in Pull Request page.

You can configure this Team Member Settings page.

Can I send Pull Request Alerts to Slack?

Haystack only supports Not Linked to Jira Issue via Team Alerts Settings page.

Other PR Risks do have Slack alerts supported.

How does Haystack know if a Pull Request is linked to an Issue?

Haystack links Pull Requests to Issues by using JIRA's referrence issue document.

How can I check which Pull Requests are not linked to any issue?

You can check this 2 ways

  1. Creating a new report with the metric PRs unlinked.

    1. If you click on any point in the graph, it'll show you the whole list of unlinked Pull Requests in the given segment.

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