By connecting JIRA to Haystack, we allow you to see all your work in a single place and identify risks, blockers and many more.

For more information on what data Haystack uses from JIRA, here is an article!

1. Open Integrations Page

You can visit Integration with this link. Click on "Connect" button for Jira.

If you are signing up first time, you should see a different page.

2. Gather Data

You should be seeing a modal with requesting 3 different information

  1. JIRA Access Token

  2. JIRA User Email


Click on the "Generate API Token here" button.

3. Get JIRA Access Token

You can get the API Token via Atlassian - Manage Profile - Security - API Tokens page. Alternatively you can use this link.

Default token would give a sync time of 30 minutes.

To improve the sync time to 10 seconds check Real Time Data Sync doc.

4. Finish Filling Out Haystack Integration Form

Paste the generated API Token to the Add JIRA Integration modal in Haystack. Fill out the Email and Base URL.

The email should be the email of the account where the token was generated.

You can check this article on how to find Base URL

Once all the information is entered, press Connect button and you should be done :)

It typically takes ~1 hours to fully sync the data, it can extend up to 6 hours depending on organization size. You'll see a loading indicator on when the sync is completed.


Why is my Jira Project or Board is missing?

This is likely due to limited access in your JIRA integration. To fix this, update your JIRA Integration token by following the steps below!

  • Access Integration Settings

  • Update Integration Token

    • Generate a new token in JIRA with access to the specific board or project

  • Update Integration in Haystack

    • Paste the new token in Haystack's JIRA settings.

  • Verify Access

    • Check if you can now see the board or project.

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