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See all your teams work from JIRA issues to pull requests in once place by integrating GitHub with Haystack.

For more information on what data Haystack uses from Git, here is an article!

There are 2 flows where you might need to integrate GitHub

Signup Flow

After you have completed Integrating Jira setup, you'll see Connect GitHub page. Please Skip to Step 3.

Integration Flow

Step 1: Head to Integrations by going to the menu on top left corner

Step 2: Select version control

Step 3: Select "Connect GitHub"

Step 4: Select "Cloud" or "Enterprise Server"

If the URL of your GitHub organization contains the domain name (, select GitHub Cloud. Otherwise, select GitHub Enterprise Server.

If you have selected

Step 5: Select A GitHub Account

Select which GitHub account to install Haystack. Select the organization that your team actively works on.

Note: We require active GitHub organizations. Haystack does not work with inactive or personal GitHub accounts.

Step 6: Select Repositories

Select which repositories to use. These repositories will be granted read-only access to Haystack. You can select either "All Repositories" or select which specific repositories to include.

Note: If you select specific repositories, you will have to give access to all newly created repositories later on.

Step 7: Redirection

You'll see one of two things:

a. You have permission to give access GitHub

If you see the above page, press "Continue" and move to Step 8

b. Need approval from GitHub Admin

If you don't have admin permissions in GitHub, you will need to receive approval from your GitHub admin and enter a token to link Github with Haystack:

The GitHub admin will receive an email from GitHub to grant access to the organization. After they do it, they will be redirected to the Haystack page with the token:

Important: Inform the GitHub admin in advance not to close the page before copying the token. If they close the page, they will need to uninstall the Haystack app from Github and you will need to start Github integration from scratch.

Ask the admin to pass a code for you. After that, you can enter the GitHub token, and click continue.

Step 8: You're Done!

That's it! Haystack has already started syncing the data at this point.

Due to GitHub API limitations, this process typically takes 4 hours, may take up to 24 hours.

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